In today’s time, the HD TV antennas are turning out to be a boon for all those who have gone ahead with the cord cutting. The TV antennas just plug into the TV input and starts providing free over-the-air channels. These are the channels which the broadcasters from the transmission towers over the airwaves. It may come as a surprise on the number of channels you can receive through OTA TV antennas. There are most of the major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. If you are lucky enough then you can also receive regional channels such as news, weather, sports, entertainment etc. Since most of the individuals are relying on their HD TV antennas for providing them with clear and strong picture content on their TV, hence it is the need of the hour to get strong reception signals. Below are few of the tips on how one can improve the reception signals of their HD antenna channels.


One of the best methods to improve the reception would be to place the antenna at the best spot in the house or outdoors. However, this is not something that would be written on the manual or the instruction kit. You would need to figure that out by yourself. It may take a while though to identify the best spot for your HD antenna. Higher you place the antenna, the better and strong receptions it would provide. One place may not work for everyone; it differs from house to house. For some they may get a good reception at the window whereas for some it may be the attic.


When in certain cases, if you feel that the signal has become weak then you can go in for a signal booster or an amplifier. It would help in increasing the strength of signal to the television tuner. Most the TV antenna models come along with an in-built power booster that would act in a similar manner. For those who stay away from the broadcast tower can take help of antenna booster.


For some people, swapping their existing coaxial cable would turn out to be more efficient. They can go in for RG-6 cable that would provide for more number of channels and also strong reception. You can have a look at the cable itself to see if you are making use of poor quality of cable. When you make use of better-shielded cable such as RG-6 then it helps with the electromagnetic interference as well as the signal noise. You should see improvement with this change.


Not all of the TV tuners would be built in the similar manner. There can be one TV tuner that would be picking up signals way better than the other one. There are certain TV models who already have a better quality tuner. It is important to carry out proper research and read the reviews before you purchase one. You can also make use of DVR tuner so as to replace your existing tuner if it is not working too well.