It is said that kids normally mimic the adults. Kids also love watching streaming apps and the reason is because it contains varied content that can provide thrill in the moment. The same goes when streaming online videos such as Netflix, Hulu and many others. There are ways wherein you can keep the kids away from watching any inappropriate content with the help of parental controls within the online streaming service itself. But at times it becomes difficult to protect such tender minds from certain commercials which are displayed in between a favourite show. Let us have a look at few of the ways wherein we can keep our kids safe from the streaming apps mainly its content.


Your internet service providers comes along with a special control wherein parents can manage the settings. Few of the internet providers would make it easier for the parents to manage the settings with the help of an app or its website. You can make use of the settings to reduce the chances of kids watching those stuffs which they are not supposed to view. This control setting which would be enabled on the Wi-Fi router would also be applicable for all of the devices to which the internet is connected inclusive of the smart TV.


Children are very anxious and they often tend to do those things which they are not supposed to. Instead of yelling at them or being aggressive, it would be better to make them understand or educate them on what is right and what is inappropriate. Internet is basically not a place for an unsupervised kid hence as a parent it is your responsibility to stay ahead and keep a watch on who accesses what content through internet. Do not forget that even children friendly apps may show certain inappropriate ads which can affect the minds of kids. Hence you can also spend some time watching the content that they view so accordingly you can change the settings and set some control. As the kids get older, sit down and talk to them. Being harsh or aggressive does not solve the problem. Hence make them understand why you chose to change the settings and how it would affect their viewing.

Parental controls present in online streaming apps: Since the online streaming apps also show contents which are not appropriate for children below a certain age hence they also ensure to have certain settings whenever needed. As an adult, you would need to make the necessary changes in the settings. In Netflix, one can setup five different profiles. For parental control setting to take place, it may take around 8 hours. There are certain profile accounts which are exclusively for kids hence it would control the shows and movies being displayed. For Amazon Prime Video, you can choose the Parental Control option and apply the settings wherein only child-friendly videos would show up. The viewing restrictions allows you to block videos based on certain ranking categories. Hulu app has a separate kids section wherein it has a large selection of new shows, movies and cartoons. It also restricts mature content based on the age set-up on your Hulu account.